Don’t Make These Decorating Mistakes!


Are you confident you’re making the most of your small space? It’s a lot easier to make mistakes when it comes to designing smaller spaces than you might think.

There really is no one size fits all approach to working with limited floor space, but there are some golden rules to abide by when considering what to avoid along your decorating journey.

We’ve put together a handy list in today’s post featuring our top five tips for what not to do when designing your small space.

1)  White walls aren’t always the answer.
We’ve all heard this one, light colours make spaces appear larger than they really are and darker shades make a room feel small and unwelcoming. While in some instances this can be true, bear in mind that white walls simply won’t suit every space and can make your interior feel devoid of personality if you’re not careful. We favour opting for making the most of natural light, propping mirrors opposite windows, reflecting and spreading the light to ensure your room looks larger.


2) You can play it too safe!
Just because your working with a small space doesn’t mean that space has to be bland. Work with bright pops of colour, texture and print to create a character-filled, enticing area. Closets, utility rooms and bathrooms work particularly well with these types of decor details.


3) Too much tiny furniture can smother your look.
Don’t feel as if you need to invest in multiple pieces of small furniture just because your space is on the smaller side. In fact, too many small pieces can lead to an overcrowded effect, exactly what you’re hoping to avoid. Edit your room and invest in weighter pieces if you feel they fit and work for your space.

4) Going overboard on the storage solutions. 
In an urge to make the most of your area it’s easy to overcrowd the space by adding lots of various storage options. Don’t clutter your surface spaces and be strict on yourself when adding furniture and accessories to your interior.


5) Ignoring negative space.
Don’t ignore empty cupboards or other areas of negative space around your home. Make the most of the furniture you already have and ensure it’s being used accordingly. We love the idea of filling an otherwise empty shelf with perfectly rolled bathroom towels as pictured below.