Is there anything better than a well-dressed wall? 

When it comes to clever wall art, there are a multitude of designs, materials, colours, textures and applications available; whether that means picking up a painting, layering photographs, stenciling or hanging fabric. The more inventive, the better. So, to get you inspired and to play around with a few ideas, we have put together a board of some of our top picks across Pinterest, our own store and more. 


Collage Framing

Grouping frames together in various patterns makes for one striking wall. Don’t just play with photographs though, frame some wallpaper or unusual art to mix it up.

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Literal Wall Art

Getting the wallpaper out or applying paint and a brush directly to the wall itself makes for one heck of a statement piece.

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Line Lover

We love these clever wire designs. Just be careful and don’t attempt these with live wires. Perhaps recreate the look in stickers, leather cord or other harmless strings.


Scrapbook Style

A collage wall isn’t just for frames. Take a scrapbook-style approach and add bits and bobs, textures and accessories, to build a feature wall of your own design.

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Fabric, Metals & Wood

Who said tapestries are from a bygone era? Fabric wall hangings not only add design and colour to a wall, but the introduction of fabric adds a new texture to an otherwise simple space. Similarly, strings of metal cut-outs, flowers, crocheted tassels and more work beautifully in creating a landscape of varying consistency and interest.

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No-matter the design, watercolours always create a beautiful, but subtle, scene, guaranteed to lift any space.

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Our Collection

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