9 Interior Trends We’d Rather Forget

It’s worth remembering that these are only a random selection of the interior trends we’ve seen through the decades that we wouldn’t mind casting aside. Of course, it’s inevitable that tastes will change and styles will resurface, but for now at least, we can name the following 9 stylistic choices as some of our least favourite options in the (usually wonderful) world of interiors. Prepare yourself for the power of chinz, the gritty texture of popcorn ceilings and a terrifyingly fluffy toilet…



Horizontal Blinds

These blinds may be practical and perhaps in a plain or muted tone they can fade into the background. But that’s just it – they’re either bland or an unwelcome throwback to a typical 90’s office setting.

Photo: Pinterest



Floral Wallpapered Bathrooms

Wallpapered bathrooms in general will raise questions, but the floral variety takes the cake.

Photo: Pinterest




Popcorn Ceilings

Difficult to remove, even more difficult to love; popcorn ceilings are pure torture.

Photo: Bobvila



Fluffy Toilet Seat Covers

The germs alone are reason enough to never indulge in this trend again, but even disregarding that (important) fact, the visual is a little bewildering in itself.

Photo: Thespruce



The Boxy Curtain Pelmet

What is the obsession with hiding a curtain rail? And on top of that, these things are the ultimate dust collectors. Pure hassle with no aesthetic pay off.

Photo: Pinterest



Shag Carpet (in painful colours)

The amount of hoovering required to keep a shag carpet clean is bad enough, but the long fibres can appear a tad creepy – particularly when the colour is supremely questionable.

Photo: Pinterest



Inflatable Furniture

We’re just not comfortable with furniture that could explode or pop from under us with a misplaced thumb tack or particularly pointy stiletto.

Photo: Pinterest



Chinz Armchair – Complete with Ruffle Skirt

Chinz itself can work with careful placement, but the chinz armchair coupled with a ruffled skirt is a floral extreme that’s just too far over the edge.

Photo: Pinterest



Shell Shocked

We have seen some beautiful shell pieces through the years, so the use of shells in general is not something to take issue with. But shell wind chimes? Not something we’re fond of – unless they’re sitting in a coastal cottage or seafood restaurant. Although, perhaps even then…

Photo: Pinterest