Interiors of a Fictional Future

Whether it’s through movies or TV, it’s fascinating seeing how future interiors are interpreted by the various show runners, directors, authors, etc. For a bit of fun, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite images from futuristic fiction, each showcasing a very different approach and style. We’ve tried to stick to fictions depicting as close to the real world as possible, so fantastical futures set in other worlds are mostly out. 

The Jetsons (1962-63, 1985-87)

A retro 60’s vibe meets space station-like style in the Jetsons’ home in Orbit City. We can’t help but love the pod chairs in that blue.

*The Jetsons is the property of Hanna-Barbera



2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

This addition may be cheating, as the bedroom below was an attempt to reflect the past, but it’s still an amazing visual in a movie about the then future (which is technically now about the past…).

Images: DavidWeisner, Pinterest
*The movie is the copyright of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. 



Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979)

Round tables with metal pedestals, plastic chairs and industrial-style light bulbs? Forget the 25th century, these interior details have already come to pass.

Image: IMDb
*The movie is the copyright of  Brue Lansbury Productions, Glen ! Larson Productions & Universal Pictures


Equilibrium (2002)

Cold, industrial chic at its finest. Love the lamp below.

Images: Equilibriumfans, Moviestilsdb
*The movie is the copyright of Dimension Films & Blue Tulip Productions



The Fifth Element ( 1997)

An overwhelming amount of beige-cream covers Bruce Willis’ apartment, finished with space-age panelling and a pod-like feel. The cat is cute though!

Images: Pinterest, I.Pinimg
*The movie is the copyright of Gaumont & Sony Pictures



Aeon Flux (2005)

This movie pays more attention to imposing architecture than interiors really, but we still love the effect created in each space. Bonus points for the scarlet red velvet round chairs.

Images: Pinterest,
*The movie is the property of Paramount Pictures, Lakeshore Entertainment, Valhalla Motion Pictures, MTV Films, MTV Productions & Colossal Pictures