Across our varied collection of bookcases and display units, there are models suited to every home, with alternating designs, shelving and other features that lend them to different display purposes; some versatile, some traditional. Below, we have selected several options, pointing out each of their individual display capabilities- but feel free to get as creative as possible. 



Century Bookcase

We love the industrial element of the Century Bookcase, its metal frame working beautifully with the wooden shelves. Ideal for both books and decorative display, as depicted in our lifestyle shot below, plants, brass ornaments and other simple, but chic, pieces work wonders.



Havana Bookcase

It may have been designed with literature in mind, but this Havana unit has cleverly laid out shelving space, with sectioned off cubes and nooks of varying sizes, which allows for the careful placement of anything from books and magazines to photo frames and art – with the added bonus of two drawers for storage.  Not everything needs to be displayed, after all.


Calia Bookcase

The shelves on this unit have a clever backing to them, which allows for greater support not only for books but for an array of items – from pottery to cute little cacti – sitting atop light tone wooden shelving with an industrial grey metal frame.



Goa Tall Bookcase

The quirky layout of this unit not only allows for varied storage and display, but the pattern and overall shape created with the wooden panels is a design feature in itself – forming a standout focal point in any room, with the bonus of a natural, multi-tonal Sheesham finish. You could add as little or as much to this bookcase, for even without any additions, the core look is, in itself, decorative.



Egyptian Bookcase 1.8m

This striking honey-toned wooden bookcase is traditional in form, its three generous shelves providing ample display space – allowing for taller objects than many similar units.



Havana Display Cabinet

Sliding doors give this display cabinet an edge in that its visual display capabilities are both versatile and optional; hiding or presenting, depending on the need. This piece makes a great addition to a home office, providing plenty of space for books, folders, etc . to be tidied away, with a touch of optional decoration via the open shelf display



Caravel Bookcase

A tradition option, the Caravel Bookcase is best suited to its namesake, offering a tidy and clear multi-shelved space for a small library of books.



Romeo Display Cabinet 5 Hole

This alternative design not only has a quirky form, but its open versatility allows it to be used in any way needed. Acting as a storage or display space for art, books, plants – anything you’d like to become the focal point of the room – this unit (and everything on it) will stand out in the best way possible.



Atlantis Tall Display Unit

The clever design of the shelves on this Atlantis model provide display surfaces outside of the main shelf space; the shelf jutting out either side, creating perfect platforms for photo frames, fresh flowers, etc. Even within the main frame , there are sectioned off spaces to keep your shelves looking tidy.