Apartment Living: Choosing A Sofa For Your Space

Small apartments and ‘tiny homes’ are becoming increasingly popular in 2022, especially in built up cities and high-cost areas. Whether you are trying to save money, looking for a more cosy living solution or simply prefer a smaller home, we have listed our top tips below for choosing the perfect sofa for your space.

Scale down

Making the most out of the floor space that you have is crucial. Firstly, consider how many people you intend to have at your home on a regular basis before you commit to a sofa. Adding a small footstool or ottoman is a great solution for an additional seat in your home.

Image: Huffpost

Do not compromise on appearance

Just because you have a small living space does not mean that you should settle for any sofa that isn’t amazing. Purchasing a sofa in a rich, bright colour can give your home a welcoming feeling, leaving the sofa to be the centre of attention.

Image: Popsugar

Measurements are important

Knowing the measurements of your living room will give you an advantage when purchasing a sofa. Know exactly what your maximum dimensions are. Sometimes it is quite difficult to picture in your head how big a new sofa will appear in your home. Drawing a room layout with measurements can really help to maximise on floor space.

Image: Furnitureacademy

Try before you buy

Another great option when you are on the hunt for a new sofa is to try before you buy. Try out our Augmented Reality filters to test out some sofas. This is a useful tool to see how your current furniture would look with a new sofa.