The coffee table is an essential element of the living room and one that can really accentuate a room’s decor or style.

We have a wide selection of beautiful coffee tables here at Michael Murphy Home Furnishing covering all types of interior.

For modern and minimalistic interiors inspired by the Scandinese trend, we recommend an eye-catching piece like the Japan Coffee Table with its unique design and calming colour scheme.

The Kia Coffee Table is another good choice for more modern homes and features a unusual design that will definitely catch the eye of visitors and guests.

On the more traditional end of things we have the gorgeous Luxor Coffee Table, made with a dark stained oak finish and fitted with easy glide drawers.

The Egyptian Coffee Table with 2 Drawers is another top choice for rustic and traditional homes thanks to its dark stain finish and classic design.

The above are just a small selection from our Coffee Table Collection, so please click on the provided link to see what else is in stock.