Electric Dreams: Living for the Bright Life

High-powered  colour has permeated the world of interiors in recent years, as experiments with neon, brights and jewels continue, forming the unabashed electric trend we’ve fallen for this season. Paying our respects to the altar of vibrancy, we have curated a selection of inspirational popping furnishings and decorative choices, to demonstrate how effective and infectious this aesthetic can be.


Carefully Curated Colour

Photo credits: (left to right) Brightbazaarblog.com, Audenza.com, Apartmenttherapy.com

The introductory method for those allergic to idea of blinding yellows, pinks and greens, is to choose a specific feature to dress with colour – such as the butter-yellow radiator above. Or take the art-inclusive route, using a painting or sculpture to inject brightness. Balancing your new bout of colour with deeper, more muted shades will help navigate your way down the rainbow road and it provides a beautiful visual contrast. For example, we love a deep matte wall with a hit of zesty citrus or shocking pink.


Unapologetically Vibrant

Photo credits: (left to right) Dailymail.co.uk, i.pinmg.com, Sfgirlbybay.com, Architectureartdesigns.com, Brightnest.com, Decoist.com, i.pinmg, Diynetwork.com

As much as we appreciate a tentative, precise application of colour, going all out and raining a riot of bold shades down on your home is something to be applauded. It’s not an easy design route, as getting the balance correct when you have so much going on can be tricky, but looking at the inspo above, with settings built on palettes of yellow, pink, orange –  even neon stairs – it can be done extremely well, making for one seriously stunning space, with full-on impact.


Boldly Go Where Stripes Have Never Gone Before

Photo credits: (left to right) Highstreethome.blogspot.ie, Abeautifulmess.com, Pinterest.ie

Stripes can be used with brights in two ways. Either take the plunge and opt for the coloured stripe, fabulously done in the carpeted stairs above, or black and white stripes, to balance out and interrupt washes of pure colour. Together this creates a quirky result, exciting, but always style and design-conscious.


Shoppable Pop

Photo credits: (left to right) Ribbon Dining Chair, Tripod Truffle Floor Lamp, Candy Rainbow

Contributing to the trend, we have been paying attention to the colour craze here at Michael Murphy Home Furnishing. Whether it’s just for that statement pop piece, or you’re adding to an already intensely toned landscape, we have a small selection of pieces to push those palette boundaries.


The Devil is in the NEON Detail

Photo credits: (left to right) Houzz.co.uk, Vogue.com.au, Idealhome.co.uk

Neon is perhaps the most difficult shade range to execute well. Our advice? Keep it in the detailing, whether that’s a major detail like your main stairs, a table-top decoration or bold signage. We’re really feeling this neon yellow staircase, simple in design but flashy in shade, when balanced with the clean, white space and organic collection of books and stationary.


Flamboyant Fabrics

Photo credits: (left to right) Shelterness.com, Theart123.comRedonline.co.uk

Bold fabric choices are another route to this trend and are an easy thing to introduce to any space, whether through cushions, throws, curtains or carpet. Our simple tip? Don’t go for matching materials, choose complementary designs and shades, as the result is much fresher and more modern. If you’re at a bit of a loss as to what goes with what, find a core cushion or throw with several shades running through it – to act as a colour guide – and match your future picks to the shades and/or shapes in that original option. This will ensure your palette is harmonious, without appearing samey.



Happy colouring!