Fantastic Flooring: Spotlight On Our Carpets

If you’re carpeting any space in the home, make sure to visit our flooring department in our Newbridge store, County Kildare. Though flooring is not available online, we have compiled several collages to represent the products we have available. However, these are only a tiny selection of the overall product range, so make sure to come in person and browse the multitude of styles, colours, carpet types, textures and patterns. 

Moody Tones

From soft neutrals with a chocolate undertone to cooler cocoa colours, we love how these shades can be used to create a warm, moody space.

Featured product: 1 & 2: Brintons Majestic Carpet. 3: Cavalier Carpets Lupo. 4: Brintons Finepoint Carpet. 5: Brintons Bell Twist Moleskin Carpet.

Warm Neutrals

From cream to sandy beige, these shades will add a richness and light to any room, opening up the space whilst providing a soft finish to the interior.

Featured product: 1: Cormar Living Naturals Carpet. 2: Cormar Oaklands Carpet. 3: Cormar HC Plains Detail Carpet. 4: Cormar HC Heathers Carpet. 5: Cormar Boucle Neutrals Carpet. 6: Cormar Natural Berber Twist Carpet.
7: Cormar Living Naturals Carpet. 8: Cormar Avebury Stripe Carpet. 9: Cormar Avebury Carpet. 10: Cormar Sensation Original Carpet. 11: Cormar Avebury Stripe Carpet.

Cool Colours

If you prefer your neutrals with an icy touch, these cooler tones are sure to please, their iced-out grey undertone promoting a modern feel.

Featured product: 1: Ulster Heritatge Twist Chesil Carpet. 2: Cavalier Carpets Stainless. Titan. 3: Cormar Boucle Neutrals Carpet. 4: Cormar Forest Hills Carpet.
5: Brintons Belltwist Granite Carpet. 6: Cormar Primo Excellence Pontiac Blue Carpet.

Perfectly Plaid

If prints and pattern are personal favourites, these plaid options have real appeal.

Featured product: 1: Ulster Carpets Boho Hamilton Tea Rose Carpet. 2: Brintons Abbeyglen Cavan Plaid Carpet. 3: Brintons Abbeyglen Fermanagh Plaid Carpet. 4: Brintons City Plaids Knightsbridge Carpet.

Visit the carpet page on our website to see further examples of stock and visit us in Newbridge to shop the full range.