The Key Furniture Pieces You Need In Your Life

There’s no denying it, purchasing good quality furniture is a serious investment. These are pieces that will adorn your home for the next five to ten years at least, so it’s vital that you feel like you’re making the right choice.

We’ve compiled a list of pieces that have stood the test of time and that we’re pretty confident will always be in style. Peruse it at your leisure…

The Chesterfield Sofa
The iconic Chesterfield sofa has been around since the early 1800s. It was named after Lord Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, who wanted a piece of furniture he could sit on without creasing his suit. Synonymous with style and class, the Chesterfield has been a popular choice of sofa for the last two hundred years.

Take a peek at our modern  Chesterfield offering, the sophisticated Bermuda Corner Sofa. 

Designed without a singular cushion or seat divide, this retro-inspired Bermuda corner sofa provides plenty of space without sacrificing an inch of style. The sturdy, solid frame interior takes on a square shape, buffered with plump, rounded cushions on the seat, back and sides – complete with tufted design. Tapered wooden legs support the base, sitting at an elegant slant, extending outward.

The Winged Armchair
Winged back armchairs were initially designed to be placed by the fire so that its ‘ wings,’ could trap heat for the person occupying its seat. These days they function as a stylish, yet comfortable, accent chair, with the shape and size of the wings varying from style to style.

Fancy a winged chair? Take a peek at our Titus Armchair…

Enveloped in rich, opulent velvet, the Titus armchair is a striking statement piece to add to your living space. The subtle ribbed detailing on the backrest is eye-catching and hints at the luxury of the overall piece. Tall, dark, tapered legs lend a retro-inspired feel, while a deep, foam-filled cushion results in optimum levels of comfort.

The Club Chair
Known in France as the Club Chair, these comfy leather armchairs are living room staples. Associated in the past with gentleman’s clubs, where one could kick back and relax, the club chair has never lost its appeal to homeowners.

Want to snuggle up on a Club Chair? Take a peek at our Boletelli Armchair…

Retro in design, the Boletelli Armchair has a 1970’s feel; the rich chocolate leather not only feeling smooth and cool but looking lavish with its soft sheen. The shape is a sturdy build, with thickset cushioning and a solid frame, flanked by rounded armrests and finished with subtle stitch detailing.

The Wooden Bookcase
An utterly classic way to house those prized possessions, a wooden bookcase is never going out of style. Showcase all the bits and bobs that show off your personality.

Take a peek at the Mara bookcase for a mid-century twist.

The Mara bookcase channels a mid-century aesthetic, supported by four tapered legs and filled with multiple storage options. A spacious, soft close drawer set on a double extended runner, with a brass handle sits in the centre of the piece, maximising on available space for storing all those essentials.

The Upholstered Headboard 
Popularised by the Victorians in the 18th century who favoured padded headboards for comfort, upholstered headboards have earned their place in our bedrooms ever since. Ideal for sitting upright in bed comfortably, they make a serious statement in the room too.

If you like a dramatic headboard with a touch of sophistication, take a peek at our Cloudy Bed Frame…

Velvety upholstery covers this fabric bed frame from the base to its super tall headboard. An indulgent design, it gives any bedroom an air of luxury and sophistication, with the cool gunmetal grey tone contributing an effortless touch of modernity.