Let’s Talk Scandi Style Minimalism


t’s no secret that minimalist decor is having a serious moment.

Thanks to organizing consultant Marie Kondo and her smash-hit book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,’  interior designers the world over are encouraging us to welcome carefully curated clutter-free spaces.

Not only does minimalism result in a soothing visual aesthetic, but they have been known to result in more soothing, nurturing living spaces. This interior style is particularly popular in high-traffic living spaces such as your bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

If you fancy bringing this calming interior style to life in your home, check out our top 5 minimalist design ideas.

Minimalism and smaller spaces. 
You can easily make minimalism work in a smaller room by paying close attention to size and scale. Minimalism calls for clean lines, open space and functionality within that space. Get clever with your furniture choices.
In a living room, opt for compact couches rather than larger sofas and neat nests of tables as opposed to space-demanding coffee tables.


Don’t be afraid of colour.
A common misconception when it comes to minimalist decor is that everything from the walls to the furniture needs to be white. We favour using muted, monochrome palettes to achieve a subtle, stylish look. Cool grey tones, navy and black are all very popular shades to incorporate into a minimalist bedroom.


Minimalist rooms shouldn’t lack personality.
Don’t be afraid to add your personality to a minimalist room through clever lighting details and artwork. Abstract artwork with muted tones that work within your chosen colour palette makes ideal additions to a minimalist room.


Don’t be afraid to add some greenery. 
Adding some greenery is a great way to bring some life to your minimalist room and dried florals, in particular, are proving popular right now. Easy to maintain and style, these beauties will instantly elevate the style of your room.


Get clever with your accessories. 
Lean mirrors and artwork against walls and shelves for an edgy, boho look. It’s also an ideal solution for renters who’d rather not go putting holes in their walls.


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