Maximise Space and Brighten Up Your Living Room Part 2

Once you’ve worked out the best floor plan for maximising space and the amount of natural light your living room receives, you can start thinking about what new paint and wallpaper colours you can introduce to further increase the space and light.

The first thing to do is determine which direction your living room faces as this will have an influence on what colours are suitable.

South facing rooms receive lots of natural light during the day and as a result benefit from the pale tones found in soft blues and red based neutrals in addition to crisp whites.

North facing rooms receive far less natural light during the day, so you may consider using strong colours such as the dark grey seen in the picture above to create a sense of fortitude and depth.

West facing rooms are cool in the morning and brighter in the afternoon making them ideal for whites and neutral greys.

East facing rooms on the other hand are bright in the morning and cooler in the afternoon and you can expand the sense of space in such rooms through use of pale greens and blues.