Bloom 2018 has given us the perfect excuse to explore our favourite ways to do florals this season. The flower-filled, horticulturist’s paradise that is Bloom took place over the weekend in the Phoenix Park, organised by Bord Bia, giving us a wealth of natural beauty to inspire and lead our chosen interior trend this week. The concept of modern florals takes direct inspiration from the elegant design, fresh flowers, lively greenery and dedication to colour that Bloom provides every year.



Bloom 2018

All photos are the property of photographer Cyril Byrne & The Irish Times


Hello Yellow

Colour inspiration was to be found in the Marie Keating Foundation Sunsmart Garden by Peter Cowell and Monty Richardson (also known as The Hairy Gardeners). The use of this signature yellow not only representing the message behind the garden – promoting sun protection and awareness of the risks of skin cancer to the public –  but also conveyed a stunning visual delight of yellow tones sitting among the greenery.

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By the Grace of Green

Bold, bright or pastel tones are nothing in the garden without their green base and/or backdrop. We love greenery in the home – as many plants as possible please! Look how beautifully they work outside across all of Bloom’s displays, supporting and complementing the other design details. And they do the same thing for interiors. What’s not to love?

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Full On Floral

From traditional vase arrangements, to magnificent flower chandeliers and dried flowers preserved in glass, there are so many ways to use these natural decorations in the home, making the design as uncomplicated or extravagant as you wish.

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Man Your Decoration Stations

Though Bloom itself is all about the fresh and natural, we can’t help but fall in love with floral design in the home, on the walls, furniture, floors or (if you’re very lucky) set into your windows. Elegant and extremely striking, the injection of this motif into the home will tie it into a romantic, sophisticated aesthetic that is truly modern, despite its very traditional, old-world inspiration.

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