The Grey Velvet Edit

Velvet is a rich classic, while grey has a contemporary cool to it, which together make for a fantastic combination when it comes to style-conscious, but versatile, furnishings and interiors.  Across bedroom, living and dining, we have some striking grey velvet pieces, so it seemed worth putting an edit of these together. Bear in mind that these are only a selection. Browse the website for more options, or visit one of our stores. 

Slumber Bed Frame

Taking on a subtle sleigh style, the soft fabric of this bed makes for a rich headboard and footboard.



Cloudy Bed Frame

This striking velvet bed frame has a low end, but high, closed-in headboard, complete with panelled detail.



Bellini Dining Chair

We love the deep tone of this grey tuft and buttoned dining chair.



Nicole Grey Dining Chair

With ash tone legs that perfectly complement the velvet above, this dining chair has a classic feel, with contemporary elements.




Jonesy 2 Seater Grey Velvet Bench

A minimal design, the fabric on the Jonesy is really allowed to shine, taking centre stage – softly complemented by the ashy legs.



Martini Bar Stool

A tuft and button back, coupled with tall ashy legs and this gorgeous, deep grey tone makes for a fantastic velvet dining seat.



Monza Storage Box

With a spacious interior, this storage box provides an opportunity for style-conscious tidying.



Spirit Chaise

The rich colour of this chaise speaks to sophistication and old-world romanticism, making it a striking feature for the living room or bedroom; working well at the end of the bed or in a quiet corner.



Pudding Chair Grey Velvet

Classic in form, the high back and broad seat used here create a sturdy, comfortable chair, elegantly dressed with several decorative features  – none of which take away from the overall sophistication it embodies.



Felice Armchair

Enveloped in a sophisticated, multi-tonal slate grey fabric, the Felice Armchair’s design has a look of luxury, while the tall back and supple cushioning feels comfortable under the body.



Clayton Chair

The plush velvet exterior of this chair is only enhanced by the diamond patterning set into the backrest, as well as the stud detail along the outer edges.




Langley 3 Seater Sofa

Simple and chic in design, the Langley sofa employs a moody grey velvet as the main feature of its design, with lovely results.

Ballyroe 3 Seater Sofa

A classic Chesterfield style enveloped in luxuriously soft smoky velvet fabric, this Ballyroe model is the perfect choice for a home leaning towards old-world glamour, with a contemporary grey palette.