Top Tips to Keep Your Sofa in Immaculate Condition

Sofas are expensive investments, so keeping them clean and free from dirt, stains and early wear and tear is important. If you don’t regularly vacuum and clean your sofa with appropriate products, this can compromise the longevity of your sofa. It is crucial to understand the structure of your sofa and what fabric it has been crafted from to best care for it. Below are our top tips for keeping your sofa in good condition.

Maintain the shape of your fabric sofa

It is important to maintain the shape of your sofa to keep it looking its very best. Rotating and plumping cushions on a regular basis helps to keep the filling of your sofa looking more full for longer. This allows air to go through the fibres in the material. This will also ensure that your sofa stays comfortable.

Regularly vacuum your sofa

Weekly vacuuming is super important for both fabric and leather sofas. Using a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, gently use this on your sofa and at the side of the cushions to remove any debris. Avoid using any attachments that may rub against the fabric or leather and potentially damage the surface. Vacuuming once per week will make sure that your sofa is free from dust and avoid staining over time.

Avoid stains

Stains can and most likely will happen, especially with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Stains are usually caused by tea, coffee and food. It is a good idea to place a throw over your sofa where possible, especially if you live in a busy household. Make sure any blankets or throws are machine washable for convenience.

Use material specific cleaning products

Firstly, remove any throws and cushions you have placed on your sofa. Using a clean, dry cloth, remove any debris that could be on your sofa. We recommend using both a cleanser and deodoriser. You can also use a stain remover when necessary and oil if your sofa is leather. We highly recommend our Revive & Care kits, this range has been created to get the very most out of your sofa for as long as possible.

Pet hair

Similar to stains, it is a good idea to place a throw over your sofa to protect it from pet hair if you have a dog or cat in your household. A weekly (or more frequent) vacuum will help to minimise pet hair. A lint roller can also be a great tool to have on standby.


While cleaning and maintaining your sofa is necessary to keep it looking it’s best, it does not seem like such a huge household chore once it is done regularly, and really should not take a long time to do. The key is to use products that are best suited to the material of your sofa. Always seek further advise from the retailer that you have purchased your sofa from if you are unsure.

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