Our Tips for Navigating the January Sale

Constant Vigilance!

If there are no Harry Potter fans reading this, the title might seem a tad dramatic. However, the message remains on point. Keep an eye on what you would like to purchase in the sale and know when the sale is due to start.



Make a List, Check it Twice

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug

Put together a list of items you want and those you need. Prioritise and then see what budget might be left over for a few treats.



Chose Your Shopping Destination

Decide whether you’re venturing to the actual shop, or shopping online. We think it depends on what you’re buying. If you’re browsing and buying, it’s probably best to see the items in person. But if you already had something in mind, then online shopping is your friend.



Plan Your Time

silver bell alarm clock

Get in and get out in reasonable time by allotting a certain time of day to do your shopping.



Spring Clean

Particularly when it comes to furniture, it’s worth doing a spring clean before you make new purchases – making room for the new additions.



Unsure of the Style, Shape or Size?

white measuring tape on white surface

Bring a picture of the intended room into the store and hold it up against your possible purchase. And when it comes to size? Measure it all out! And even better, lay a cut out of the piece on the floor – cut to the given measurements – and see how it fits in the space.