Take the Tour – Inside Actress Liv Tyler’s New York Home


Hollywood actress Liv Tyler has been a Manhattan resident for many years now.  She first made her home in the West Village nearly twenty years ago, in 2001.

Over the course of the last two decades, she has painstakingly sought to restore her 19th-century abode.

“When I found it, it was really, really, really run down. You really needed to have the vision to see what it would be—and I could just see it.” the actress told Architectural Digest.


Tyler made it her mission to restore the home, which had originally been built in the 1800s, to its former glory.

“It was weird because even though I was so young, I really wanted to bring the house back to its original glory. I wanted to really honour the house and put back all the beautiful details,”


Her favourite room in the house, she confesses, is her children’s bathroom.

“The way the tree looks, through the window…it’s like this amazing bonsai or something, with branches going in strange directions. And the leaves are just beautiful,”


One of the most striking rooms of the house acts as her childrens bedroom. Filled with natural light and the most luxurious furnishings, Tyler has created a playroom paradise for her youngest children.

“At one time it was my office. Then it was [oldest son’s] Milo’s room. Then it became Sailor’s room. Now it’s Sailor and Lula’s room and has been like this since I have had my [younger] children. This is where we play and read stories.”she explains.