Perfect Your Art Hanging Ability with This Tip!

Adding a new piece of art to your home collection is a sure-fire way to refresh your interiors and reinvigorate your household’s visual pleasures.

No matter what your personal preference in art is, the following tip ensures every portrait, landscape and abstract is hung correctly and at the optimum level for all viewers.

Known as the ’57-inch rule’, the tip suggests you should always hang artwork at 57-inches on centre, which means the middle of the art should be 57-inches from the ground.

(Image credit: Park West Gallery)

The reason being for this is it is believed to be the optimum viewing level for the average human-eye height and is commonly used in galleries and museums across the world.

To hang a piece of art at 57-inches on centre:

  • Measure and mark 57-inches on the wall from the floor up
  • Measure the piece of art and divide by 2 for the centre
  • Measure from the top of the art to the hook it will be hung on
  • Minus Step 3 from Step 2, this will tell you wear to hang the hook
  • Mark the wall above 57-inch with the amount from Step 4
  • Hang your art!

While the above may seem a little complicated, just remember that the centre of the artwork is to always be hung at 57-inches as this will place it at the optimum viewing level for all.