Add Finishing Touches to Your Home Decor

Completing a room is about so much more than just picking the right pieces of furniture. It’s about finding the right accessories to finish the look and feel of your space. At Michael Murphy Home Furnishing, we strongly believe that without the finishing touches of accessories, lamps and decorative pieces, your space is not yet […]

The Impact of Colour Psychology in Home Decor

When it comes to decorating your home, colour is one of the most important elements to consider. The colours you choose can greatly impact the overall mood and atmosphere of a room. This is where colour psychology comes into play. In addition to the psychological effects of colour, it’s also important to consider the practical […]

4 Incredible Tips for Making Your Home Office More Productive

The importance of having a home office space has never been more apparent. Businesses are increasingly outsourcing many tasks to remote workers, meaning that employees now need to be able to work from any location they choose. With laptops and internet connections becoming more widespread, employees are now able to take their work with them […]

Our Christmas Gift Guide

How would you describe the Christmas season? Is it the time of giving and sharing? Or is it the time of spending and receiving gifts? The answer is probably both. And because of that, it’s also the perfect time to start thinking about gift ideas for friends and family members. Christmas is a special time […]

A Guide to Maximalist Interiors

Maximalism is a style that emphasizes boldness and richness. Maximalists love color and texture. They want their homes and interiors to be visually stimulating and exciting. It gives the opportunity to “throw out” the rule book and design your home with a huge range of colours, fabric and textures. We have got some tips and […]

Apartment Living: How to Hang Artwork Without Damaging Your Wall

For people living in a rented property, it can be difficult to make your house or apartment feel like home. Artwork has always played a major role in our lives. Whether it’s a painting, sculpture or photo, it’s something we cherish. But sometimes, we simply cannot hang artwork on a nail in the wall due […]

Famous Furniture: Mars Attacks Ball Chair

An iconic movie produced in 1996, Mars Attacks was a parody on 1950’s sci-fi movies created by Tim Burton. Filled with cheap effects, comedy and an impressive star-studded cast, the movie went on to win a huge amount of awards. Jack Nicholson makes a fantastic president in this movie who tries to reason with martians […]

Interior Inspiration: Baroque

Do you love interior design? If yes, then you should definitely check out these beautiful baroque style rooms. The colours, patterns, and textures are simply stunning. Image: Thespruce Baroque architecture was born during the late 16th century. This style has become very popular over time and is often seen in modern homes today. This style […]

Something old, something new: How to style antique and contemporary furniture together

Combining both vintage and contemporary furniture may seem like a challenging task, however, when done correctly it can give your space a great sense of character with multiple layers and textures. Adding both vintage and contemporary furniture or homewares to your space means your room cannot be defined by any one decade and showcases a […]

Avian Accessories: Put More Birds On It

You might have seen our previous bird-themed post – inspired by Portlandia – which featured several avian artworks we had in stock. Well, we’re expanding on that and showcasing some more bird and feather motifs across our accessories collection. From wall art to cushions, the trend has really picked up and we’re enjoying both the […]

The Biggest Home Art Trends of 2018 Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s blog about the biggest home art trends of the year, we now have for you the second and final entry. As we mentioned in the previous blog, the home art experts at King and McGaw recently divulged their predicted interior art trends for 2018 and we love each and every one […]

Filling the Empty Space Above the Bed

An empty space above the head of the bed can be a bit of a jarring visual, especially if the rest of the room is decorated with beautiful furniture and furnishings. Luckily, the wise guys over at Apartment Therapy have a few smart ideas as to how we can successfully fill that empty space without […]

Check out Michael Murphy’s New Range of Sean Curran Prints!

Art lovers rejoice: a brand new range of Sean Curran art prints have arrived and are now available in-store and online! Sean’s an Irish painter who first picked up the easel at 11 years old and has been painting ever since. His work often depicts beloved Irish locations and is regularly exhibited in galleries across […]

Perfect Your Art Hanging Ability with This Tip!

Adding a new piece of art to your home collection is a sure-fire way to refresh your interiors and reinvigorate your household’s visual pleasures. No matter what your personal preference in art is, the following tip ensures every portrait, landscape and abstract is hung correctly and at the optimum level for all viewers. Known as […]

Introducing Our Brand New Wall Art!

We’re extremely pleased to announce the arrival of some beautiful new pieces of Scatter Box Wall Art here at Michael Murphy. Three brand new pieces of Wall Art are now available to purchase, and each piece is guaranteed to brighten up your living space and add a splash of colour to your life. First up […]